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As a wellness consultant, artist and earth scientist, I have always sought to integrate spheres of personal, social and ecological engagement. Whether the medium be energetic, audio, visual or textual, I place high emphasis on exploring the functional and dysfunctional spaces of identities and communities in order to liaison the emergent needs of underserved individuals and communities to crucial resources for healing and renewal. With adequate resources and the intent to evolve, we can generate and sustain a mindset of health, wealth and happiness.

These skills are applicable to clients through the application of human evolution factors such as trauma healing, wilderness retreat, capacity building,  urban gardening, food distribution, fair development/greening projects, artistic expression, and youth leadership programs. When engaging with individuals or community groups, a dynamic zone of listening and sharing is vital.

Prominent through all my work are the basic themes of energetic interdependence and heart-based wisdom in the relationships between individuals, social groups and the natural environment. With needs, challenges, skills and goals mapped upon a foundation of trust – no worthy project or goal is beyond the grasp of willing participants with intent to change their lives.



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Tere Bailey

(Terre Zea Teosinte)

Shamanic Life-Coach

Certified Reiki Master-Teacher

Organizational and Artistic Consultant

Hello and Welcome!

Many people are experiencing accelerated personal changes due to an increase in Earth’s harmonic frequencies. Everyone seems to be feeling it – because the new energetic climate is leading to whirlwind changes in our social, ecological and political environments. We are trying to establish a sense of place and a sense of balance as a species. In other words, individuals are being challenged to live in resonance with our personal truth rather than accepting the status quo.

When we challenge ourselves to personally honor this vibration of truth, we shift our perception of reality and begin to influence our communities for the better. No longer victims of circumstance – we become sovereign, resilient beings who are in the driver’s seat of our own destinies. A combination of energy work, dedicated meditation, exercise and good nutrition can assist this transformation process in profound ways.

I have been a body-systems healer since age seven when I began giving intuitive energy-based bodywork to my parents, siblings and friends. I was told that my hands generated heat and seemed to take the pain away naturally. In 2004 I began to train in specific healing modalities such as Reiki, shamanism and guided meditation; modalities which place bodywork in its appropriate contextual framework – the interconnection between bodies and lived environments.

I love this work – it is rewarding to see the amazing transformation set in motion by the intent to be well!

My in-person and distance-healing practice is holistic and complimentary to other healing methods including western medicine. Each session is tailored to the individual by intuition or at your specific request. Your session may include aura and space clearing with Shamanic Reiki and other Reiki modalities, shamanic drumming & chant, tarot readings with indigenous medicine decks, empowerment rituals, affirmations, incense, aromatherapy, healing attunements and crystals. 

Each healing session will generate a frequency reset in your auric field. The work proceeds as directed by your own consciousness and intent, so you will always receive what you need.  Many clients enjoy guided visualization and gentle shamanic journeys where they meet spirit guides/higher self, animal totems, and other tools of self-empowerment. This integrated approach promotes relaxation on all levels of mind, body and spirit. In this deep state of receptivity, spontaneous healing experiences are not uncommon.

Please let me know how I can help!


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Fee Schedule:


$250 for minimum 2 hours.

Followup: $99/hr



Followup sessions:

$45 per half hour



Shamanic Reiki – Level 1: $325 plus materials

Shamanic Reiki – Level 2: $525 plus materials



Email: teosinte1212@gmail.com



Make a payment or donation by PAYPAL:

(payment plans, sliding scale and barter are also honored!)

Please use this payment link: PayPal.Me/teosinte

Just for today…Relax, Breathe, Love & Enjoy Life!




  1. Kim said,

    January 9, 2013 at 10:35 am

    You are an amazing healer…keep up the good work! Now is the time!

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