My Ceremonial Life-Coaching and Consulting sessions are intuitive and invoke direct inner-connection to Source.

Tarot readings enhance this intuitive guidance through visual and narrative symbolism.


Divination is as old as human consciousness.

…For eons we have consulted tea leaves, tossed runes, rocks & sticks or read the lines on our palms to seek and find guidance from a higher-power…

…Yet the conclusion always reached in my readings is that a deep well of higher-power actually resides within each soul. The external signs we seek are only there to illuminate our path toward the original Source of divine light within.

I currently use following two Tarot decks in tandem. They generate positive frameworks for understanding life challenges as well as propose exciting and practical resolutions.

Together they represent two important sources of wisdom:

 Indigenous Knowledge & Divine Guidance

The Oracle of Rama honors one of India’s oldest and most beloved stories.
In this deck, the story characters come alive and provide
guide-posts to walking a path of love, devotion and truth even during times of challenge.

Oracle of Rama

Tradition suggests that the best times to perform divination with the Oracle of Rama are mornings on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after meditating deeply on your question!

The Medicine Woman Tarot speaks reverently and powerfully through the elemental forces of life.
You will discover practical means for creating an abundant and joyful life
by creating harmonic relationships with the people and places within your environment.





Gayatri Yantra & Mantra

Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

May the Supreme Light
that illuminates the three worlds,
illumine our intellect also, fully,
and direct the rays of our intelligence
to the path of virtue

Sri Yantra, also known as the bliss machine, is the design on this Reiki drum.

This is the symbol for the universal creation sound “Om” in India…

Opening beautiful hearts to the source of happiness

through Light-Attuned sound…

May you be well
May you be happy
May you abide in peace
May you feel safe and secure
May you feel loved and cared for.

Namaste and Friendship!