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Align your Personal Energy with your Life Goals

Our lives can be quite stressful; over time stress and fear can contribute to a range of health problems and imbalances – eventually blocking our path to success and wellness. Interpersonal and work relationships rely on healthy personal energy levels and strong (but flexible) boundaries. In the initial consultation, we will discuss your perspective on these life balance considerations and work together to develop a simple but effective strategy to address your wellness and life goals.

All healing is set in motion by your intention and active participation – remember, anything and everything in your life can be re-tuned to a higher vibration. Healing sessions relieve accumulated stress, remove energetic obstacles & revitalize your life with new energy ~ leaving you calm, centered, refreshed, energized, and empowered to face challenges and generate blissful new energy!


Healing Sessions

(Available at a distance and in person unless otherwise stated)

Integrative Energy Sessions combine chakra clearing & alignment, aura clearing, guided meditation, deep breathing, visualization with one or more of the following services:

  • Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki takes you on a gentle journey to highest sources of inner power. The meditation or dream-state attunes your awareness into higher consciousness, love and wisdom. Here, the expanded energy of the shamanic state facilitates your decision and inner power to become sovereign; clearing your energy field of accumulated thought forms and astral attachments. Incorporates drumming, guided visualization, toning, chant, crystals and soft music to engage powerful healing frequencies.

  • Japanese Reiki with Acupressure (in person only)

Produces inner clarity, clears enlightenment pathways, relieves stress/tension, stimulates immunity and mental clarity, manifests goals, brightens and expands energy field.

Receive the benefits of Japanese Reiki plus etheric protection from thought forms or other negative forces.

Expanded healing of trauma and attunment to soul- family and spirit guides. Incorporates chant and out of body experience to heal the trauma without re-living it.

  • Magnified Healing ®

Co-creation with Source, self-empowerment and karma clearing.

Intuitive Readings & Tarot Readings w/ indigenous wisdom decks

Envision & Manifest your intentions with simple rituals aligned with astrological timing

Light a candle and speak your wishes – positivity generates bliss!

Reiki Attunements and Classes

  • Reiki is easy to learn! There are so many easy and fun healing techniques you can practice daily
  • Learn to clear and shield your aura from mis-aligned energy
  • Learn to ground yourself if you are feeling disconnected or amplify your energy if you are in a slump



Questions & Answers

How can healing sessions help me?
Speaking your intentions with clarity brings them closer to manifestation. Integrative energy techniques boost your energy and clear your aura of negativity and stress so you can identify your intentions and health goals clearly. These sessions magnify the positive intentions you set and offer powerful but gentle, non-invasive healing using a range of complimentary methods.

How long do healing sessions take?
Consultations/Initial sessions usually last 1.5 hrs. Follow-up sessions last 1.00 hr. Most clients experience immediate relaxation and stress relief after one session. However, those with chronic stress should consider multiple sessions for full benefit.

What should I do during and after sessions?
During energy sessions, you should try to relax and release all distracting thoughts as much as possible. Please share information during consultation, follow-up and during the session when needed. Please be sure to indicate if you experience any discomfort such as tingling, cold or heat. Adjustments will be made to suit your comfort level. Drink plenty of water (you may wish to add citrus for the electrolytes) and eat a small meal immediately after the session to help integrate the energy and ground yourself.

Healing sessions are excellent for stress relief and relaxation and offer numerous other benefits to the body, mind, and spirit – but are NOT suggested as a substitute for quality medical care by this practitioner.

Availability: Call or email to set up an appointment, indicating type of service desired (Same day booking may be available – 24 hour cancellation notice please).

Just for today…Relax, Breath, Love & Enjoy Life!





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